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Additionally, in older parlance the words 'Jerusalem' and 'Israel' were often used more metaphorically, as in "the great city of God in the sky" or heaven itself, in the sense of the poem Jerusalem by the great British mystic poet William Blake. Fearing they'd be tracked down in Germany, many resettled in the New World.

Appropriately enough, Mount Carmel has been nicknamed the "City of Churches. It's also been said, with a good degree of authority, that angels themselves helped stop bullets during the Revolutionary War. We see similar excitement over in Lancaster county, where the town of Elizabeth was named for the same reason.

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Laflin Here's another of several towns that sprung up around mills, this time a gunpowder mill. He made his preparatory studies for the priesthood at St. In this regard, Factoryville doesn't quite cut the mustard. Indeed, if he took a little detour, he might find himself in present-day Abrahamsville.

However, other people insist that the correct origin is a corruption of the Munsee word schigi-hanna, which means "fine stream," and this explanation does seem plausible. For many years the Peck Lumber Manufacturing Company contributed heavily to the region's economy.

Ringtown Schuylkill county Different versions of this story exist, but here's the basic low-down: InJules Olivier went into partnership with Willie Patout to open the store, originally serving primarily as a plantation commissary.

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Dutch-inspired town names are far more common in the New York area, including Peekskill and Fishkill, though the Poconos does feature a Bushkill. The first explanation seems a much more convincing one, unless a deliberate play on words is involved.

Laporte Located 45 miles west of Scranton, the town is named for John LaPorte, born in in Asylum, the haven for French aristocracy see above. It was the only Spanish mission established in Louisiana, and was destroyed by the French in The precise reason for choosing Milwaukee is uncertain.

Note that Scranton's streets include the names of most American presidents as well as a wide array of trees. As a youth living near Bryn Mawr street in West Scranton, the humble author of this web page was once asked by a delivery man how to find the street named "Brian Mauer.

Mark replied forcefully and vigorously: Rome, Italy is located at Along with names from the KJV edition of the New Testament, these names constitute the large part of Hebrew names as they exist in the English-speaking world. Afterwards several Moravian missionaries from the Bethlehem area made the northward trek to help bury the dead.

Some locals call the area Mountain Top, while others, notably the town newspaper, calls it by the one-word form of Mountaintop. After his capture by the Spanish he was defrocked, convicted of treason and then executed by firing squad.

Providence The original township in the Scranton area, Providence remained an independent community until its merger with Scranton in Nicholson also contains the old village of Baconville, named for tavern owner Nathan Bacon.

The second explanation also works, since Nolo is located high on a hill where there is "no low ground. Only rubble remains, but the site is a state historic park.

Charenton was also the original site for New Iberia. Newton Located to the west of Scranton, Newton was named around by settlers from Newton in northwestern New Jersey. Of the four explanations mentioned here, the final one appears the strongest at the moment, a point reinforced by the appearance of Ariel Street on Scranton's East Mountain.

Comedians have had a field day with this one, asking locals such probing questions as "Is Mianus a big place? One also wonders what percentage of male residents would be required to reach a quorum, and whether all must participate simultaneously in this celebration of democracy, and whether the female residents were allowed the full privileges of fulfilling their civic duties as it were.

In honor of this former distinction, we can still go to Pep Boys and buy a quart of Quaker State motor oil which is a fine substitute for wine if you're ever invited to a dinner in Wilkes-Borough and need a quick gift.

So what, exactly, are these car names? Port Clinton was a terminus of the Schuylkill Canal, serving as a loading point for coal headed toward larger markets. This was the first Josephite mission in Louisiana.

They claim that mino means "good" and aki means "land," but this explanation seems a speck forced and contrived. Fresh scalps hung from the chieftain's waist, and Winola recognized the scalp of her suitor, "whiter than the water lilies.

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It is such a rider that probably led to the ultimate compromise of our area's integrity: Some countries have actually banned certain words from being used as names.

John flows from this lake.Find The Perfect Name. Meet thousands of other parents. Get help on baby names, pregancy and parenting issues.

Join Free! It only takes 2 minutes. Relationships. Empower yourself with the tools, tips and techniques to find happiness and success in your dating life as well as in your relationship. Hebrew names are names that have a Hebrew language origin, classically from the Hebrew Bible.

They are mostly used by Jews and Christians, but many are also adapted to the Islamic world, particularly if a Hebrew name is mentioned in the Qur'an (example: Ibrahim is a common Arabic name from the Hebrew Avraham).A typical Hebrew name can have many different forms, having been adapted to the.

name origins of cities and towns of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Laceyville Originally known as Braintrim (see above) and Skinner's Eddy (see below), the area for a couple centuries was a camping grounds for Indians of the Tuscarora tribe.

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Names of free dating site in german
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